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why globe at one imageGlobe at One are an ethical tour operator dedicated to enhancing your enjoyment and
meaningful contact with the local people in the countries we recommend.
  We won’t run tours to Burma as that is against our ethical approach to travel awareness.
As a multicultural company we are acutely aware of the way in which locals will want to
interact with you and you with them.
Globe at One was conceived after I (Andrew Davis, founder) had figured
that a grounded, well informed and irreverent travel experience was deserved by all.
I found the most useful languages were smiles, music and an ability to know who el presidente was in country of destination!
We are a talkback tour operator!
We are a genuinely independent company, very flexible, ultra competitive on prices that are not fixed to our already light overheads and we do listen to you. In 1993/94 I first set off on my first around the world adventure traversing Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay then onto Oz and New Zealand with Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China bringing up the rear (and what a rear!) Another world jaunt ensued in 2002, this time taking in East Africa (Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Madagascar, Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa) with the enchanting countries of Indochina following I've since visited many other nations on shorter visits with Buenos Aires and Battambang vying for my hearts content.
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