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Nothing says more about the modern age than the ability of people at all stages of life to be able to whale watch off Greenland, trek across Peru or marvel at the lost temples of Angkor in Cambodia. Globe at One have from the outset been attuned to the requirements and preferences of the mature traveller. We have catered for a fair number of travellers over 50 and their feedback and suggestions have been invaluable.



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We were delighted with the holiday, it was an awesome experience. The Boca v River game was the highlight; it was without a doubt the best experience I have had at a football match and I have been to World Cups, Euro's and Champions League games. We also went to see Argentinos Juniors v Estudiantes in the Diego Maradona stadium which was excellent. The whole atmosphere of Buenos Aires was top class, really nice city. The guides were top class as well.


Bespoke Tours

Bespoke Tours Our bespoke tours mean that like Web 2.0 you chose and dictate the content of your tour and the agenda. I mean, we are a Web 2.0 style tour company J

The important thing to keep in mind is that the tours listed on the website are at best templates to the world of adventure, leisure or cultural prowess that you eventually want to partake in. We can’t fathom your tastes and preferences, but guidelines are useful and hence our maps and suggested routes to take.


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