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A Sip Of Wine And A Sip Of Mendoza

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Mendoza tucked up next to the Andes mountains caters for all types of visitor exploring this wine-growing region. The Club Tapiz for example nods towards the top end tier of available accommodation and is situated in Maipú, around 5 miles from the centre of Mendoza with transport provided and arranged by ourselves. This like outher wine hacienda not only has accommodation, but facilities for you to experience a local asado, potential horse riding and of course exposure to the highest quality of red wine in the world.

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Altiplano Ramble

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The Altiplano Ramble takes in the town of Riobamba and then discending into the Amazon basin, so diverse range of accommodation is provided for this tour. Like it’s neighbour Colombia, the climate on the high Andes I cool and as such detail such as heating is available. The Abraspungo is a highland hacienda, regal and elegant, it is a place of the highest appointment.

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100 Hours Of Gratitude

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After a few troubled years Colombia is back on the visitors menu and also the countries accommodation offering which are some of the best in South America. Most of you will arrive in Bogota which lying 8,600ft (2,600m) above sea level afford it an European climate, never rising above 25°c during the day and frequently plunging into single digit temperatures after sunset, so heating an European feel to buildings in the capital are the order of things. Hotels here have been renovated and prepared for the new influx of visitors La Candelaria in the centre of the city has the most capacity and is near to most of the cultural attractions.

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Classical Indochina

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The beauty of travelling through Indochina is that the Pound in your pocket goes a long way, useful in the present financial climate. In fact accommodation will be of the best standard as you weave your way throughout Laos, Cambodia and possible Vietnam.


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