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Capital: La Paz (Political)  Population: 9 million  Language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara  Time: GMT-4  International Dialling Code: +591
Money: Boliviano(Bs)  Visas: Not required by UK nationals  Further Information: Welcome to Bolivia
Bolivian embassy in London: 0207 235 4255
When to go: The temperatures are constant around La Paz all year, but rainfall tapers off during the “winter” (May to August) months, night time temperatures during this time fall below freezing. Lowland Santa Cruz has an all year tropical climate.
Bolivian cultural icons: Marco Antonio Etcheverry.
Music: The traditional sounds of the highlands are in vogue in Bolivia, not only pan pipe fare, but adaptations of cumbia, salsa and the pasillo. The Musica Popular Boliviano is similar to the highly danceable stuff found in neighbouring Peru.
If you are looking for an exclusively Bolivian experience or seeing the country as part of an extended tour encompassing Peru also we can put together a bespoke package which can embrace life a couple of miles above sea level!

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