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Capital: Santiago  Population: 17 million  Language: Spanish  Time: GMT-3  International Dialling Code: +56  Currency: Chilean Peso
Visas: For stays of less than 90 days not required by UK nationals; after 90 days please consult the Chilean immigration department in Santiago on ++56 2 550 2400 
Further Information: Turismo Chile  Chilean Embassy in London: 0207 580 6392 
When to go: because of the country’s size all year round visiting is recommended. The Far south during their winter ((May to October) can be harsh as can the far north around Arica in the summer (November to February)
Chilean icons: Bernardo O’Higgins, Victor Jara, Pablo Neruda, Marcelo Salas, Marcelo Rios
Music: Nueva Canción emerged as the prominent music during the 1960’s culminating in Vitor Jara and Violeta Parra came to crystallise burgeoning protest music of the time. Now the craze for Nueva Cumbia and Reggaeton amongst the young is what you will hear on Santiago’s streets.
This long finger of territory stretching 4,300 kilometres invites you to trek its length, The far north, the central belt and the south of the country are generally the three distinct regions That comprise the country. Our Colo Colo Chile tour takes in Valparaíso, and San Pedro de Atacama in the north of the country. Alternatively Globe at One can arrange a trip to Tierra del Fuego or indeed the Southern Lakes.

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