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Capital: Lima  Population: 27.9 million  Language: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara  Time: GMT-5  International Dialling Code: +51  Money: Nuevo Sol (S/.)
Visas: Not required by UK nationals  Peruvian Embassy in London in London: Peruvian Embassy - UK
Further Information: Come to Peru: Culture, Nature, Adventure - Travel
Further Reading: Peru (Footprint, 2012)
When to go: The big fog of Lima clears around November for the summer and re appears in May for the winter. Cuzco is suitably cool with a constant temperature with cold nights during June and July, Iquitos in the Amazon basin has a suitably warm tropical all year climate.
Peruvian cultural icons: Túpac Amaru, Los Famosos de Huaral, Nolberto Solano, Eva Ayllon, Susana Baca, Mario Vargas Llosa.
Music: Pasillo, Rockolo, Folkloro Peruano. Salsa as in so many latin American countries is very popular.
The Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu within our Peru, Here and Now! tour sums up South America for many people and we are glad to offer this journey as well as an extended Altiplano Inca Trail trek into Bolivia. You select the type of hotels, tell us how you’d like to travel and maybe take in suggestions from us regarding your tour and we’ll construct a bespoke itinerary around your requests.

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