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Capital: Montevideo  Population: 3.5 million  Language: Spanish  Time: GMT-3  International Dialling Code: +598  Money: Uruguayan Peso
Visas: Not required by UK nationals  Further Information: Uruguay Natural  Uruguayan Embassy in London: 0207 589 8835
Further Reading: Passion of the People? Football in South America (Verso Books, 1995), by Tony Mason
When to go: Summer is December to April and Montevideo/Punta del Este get’s hot although in the interior it is slightly cooler. Winters are mild and damp.
Uruguayan cultural icons: Daniel Viglietti, Joaquín Torres García, Enzo Francescoli.
Music: Tango, Salsa, Candomblé; Candomblé combos are easily heard in Montevideo and regularly cross the river Plate to perform as do rock en espanol bands. Uruguay is also a salsa station as well as smidgens of cumbia and Shakira!!
Uruguay is a favourite destination in Globe at One acres, a haven of peace if you’re used to crowded trains and roads packed to the gills. Uruguayan Serenity is what we can offer with a few days in easy going Montevideo and a time also in an outlying countryside ranch near the Uruguay river.

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