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Cape Verde

Capital: Praia  Population: 530,000  Language: Crioulo, Portuguese  Time: GMT-1  International Dialling Code: +238 
Money: Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE)  Visa: UK nationals need a tourist visa.  Further Information: Cape Verde Tourism
When to go: This is an all year round destination with the temperatures tapering off slightly during January through March with little rainfall.
Cape Verdean cultural icons: Cesária Évora, Mayra Andrade, Bela, Eugénio Tavares
Music: Music defines these islands with Morna being the most recognisable and popular form; the great diva herself Cesária Évora being the best exponent. Coladeira and Passada are fast paced rhythms in vogue with the young and Batuque is a particularly female song form popularised by Mayra Andrade. Funaná is an accordion led sound originating from Santiago island and is not unlike vallenato from Colombia!
What can you say about a cultural powerhouse that punches above its weight, we’ve just introduced a Musica Morna and Coladeira tour. Ten islands clustered together off West Africa are bound by music, broken Portuguese and sunshine. Sal is the original Getaway Islands, but the other islands each have their own character where the differences are quite marked, celebrated always with charm.

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