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Carnival 2020

Going since 1932 the Rio Carnival 2020 starting Friday the 21st of Feb to Wed. the 26th of Feb 2020 is your once (or more) in a lifetime experience of colour, warmth, humour and almost everything that a northern winter can’t provide!


We are enthusiastic - as serious about play as we are about work - with diverse interests.


We believe "Simple is smart'. All works we do is committed to the cause of simplicity and distinct creativity.


Each and every of us strives to become critical thinker, over-achiever, with growing collection of capabilities.

Watch Football @ Maracanã, Bombonera, Centenario

Watch football at the Maracanã, Bombonera, Centenario stadiums during our specialist football tour to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. You’ll imbibe the full experience, mingle with the hinchas and also wander around Rio, Buenos Aires, Montevideo to see where 9 World Cups have gone.